Scooter Test-Event in Nordhausen, Germany with

On the weekend of 8th of october, divers had the possibility to test two Aqua Prop Scooter in Nordhausen with Again the divers were surprised of the power of the little Aqua Prop.
Following a little reportage and the video of the event:

“On 08th of october we went diving to Nordhausen, equipped with two Aqua Prop Scooter. Because of the ligt weight of 6 kg, getting in the water is very easy to handle. Under water we stayed at first in the 10 meters area, before we tried the DPV on the distance. I was very surprised of the speed of the small Aqua prop – I did not expect such a great boost! Our bubbles left horizontal and we passed by the fish very quickly :-).
On both levels the speed convinced, me personally I would like to have one more slower speed level.”

Thanks a lot for the great video!