Successful Test-Event at the “Dragor Lux Diving Games” in Zagreb, Croatia

These days we received a great report about the Dragor Lux Diving Games where Bonex and AquaProp could be tested for free. The games took place in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia during May. Enjoy reading this nice article:

“The yearly Dragor Lux Diving Games took place from 27 to 29 May at the Camping Village Simuni, our usual training place. The pre-games preparations were exhaustive as we tried to reach as many potential participants as possible through social networks, website, newsletters and diving portals. We had weekly raffles for all our Facebook members who had the chance to win free accommodation during the games – in total, we provided 10 free accommodation gifts.

The number of divers reached 350 out of which 145 contestants. Some photos can be found at the following link:

The event actually began on Thursday where we organized a fun dive. On Friday, we had an amusing race in Aqua Park, a small concert and some go-go dancers. The main part of the program took place on Saturday: Equipment testing for free – we offered six Bonex scooters for testing, and contests in four disciplines + photography for non-divers. It all went splendidly without any problem. This year one of the sponsors was a distributor of Mercedes from Split who provided a new E-Class for free testing during the weekend.

The evening was reserved for the gala dinner, awards, raffle, a rock concert and a great firework.

We have pretty much the same program every year, except we change the rock group we hire. The place was covered in promo items – posters, banners, beach flags and all the contestants got an official T-shirt of the games. We also hired a professional camera operator and the plan is to broadcast the video on the national TV HTV1 during the TV show „More“.

We have sent the report to be published in Scuba Life (diving magazine) and it will also be uploaded on various diving portals.

This is the fourth time we organize the Diving games and by now, we have gathered some experience. However, we try to diversify it every year by introducing new disciplines, bringing new sponsors and prizes and more and more entertainers. It is an ever-developing project.

Finally, we wish to thank you for your support and we hope to generate more new Bonex users after the Games.”

Thanks a lot to Dragor Lux for this nice article. Find more information on