Great success all around – Test-Event with LST in Hemmoor, Germany

A beautiful lake and non-stop-raining – this was the situation at the LST Test-Event at Hemmoor on 29.Mai 2016. So what do we do? For sure we go diving – motivate some nice divers and cross Hemmoor with a DPV! Some of the guests stayed in a nice cottage near the lake which was useful considering the given situation. The coffee tasted better in a warm and dry place, and there were some things to plan before the dive: Who is diving with who and, much more important, who is getting which Bonex Scooter?! After a bit of “theory” we were ready to go – from steady rain into the water! To show this important event to all family members and dive club friends, our lovely photographer Martin Göbel was around all the time. So we took some beautiful shots and vivid proofs, that a lot fo rain can bring a lot of fun when you only have the right equipment! The participants enjoyed the event a lot and one thing was for sure at the end: We will meet again with a car full of Bonex DPVs!
Thanks a lot to the Test-Diver-Crew and the photographer, we are looking forward to the next DPV-Dive with you!