BONEX Scooter seminar in Vorarlberg, Austria

On 06th and 07th of november a BONEX scooter (DPV) seminar took place in the austrian city Feldkirch, organized by the dive club TC Vorarlberg. During the 2-days-lasting course, 15 participants had the possibility to live and learn the world of DPV-diving!

And it was a great success!

Under the guidance of CMAS 2 Star Instructor Marcus Bauer, the divers learned everything about construction, handling and functionality of BONEX DPVs.

Following they could train their knowledge in a nearby lake and practice several skills.

On 7 BONEX Scooters the participants could put into practice what they learned before. During the training they also received further instructions how to use the equipment in perfection.

The seminar was such a great success, that there is already planned a following event for 2016.

We are very happy that this workshop met with such a positive response!

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© Images: Courtesy of Wimmer Gerhard