The Bonex Scooter calendar for 2013 is available

In July, we had called to submit your best pictures for the Bonex calendar 2013. The calender is now ready to ship and can be ordered by e-mail to with the following subject line “Order Bonex calendar 2013”. The price is 28,- Euro plus shipping cost

We would like to thank all of you who have submitted such great images. The winners of the competition and hence the images selected for the calendar are:

Title: Photographer: Mia Pietikäinen
Jan: Diver: Andreas Kron | Photographer: Andreas Kloft
Feb: Photographer: Wilke Reints
Mar: Diver: Andreas Hess | Photographer: Timo Zischka
Apr: Diver: Christian Massaad | Photographer: Natasha Massaad
May: Diver: Kris Vancayemberg | Photographer: Christoph Gerigk
Jun: Diver: Mia Pietikäinen | Photographer: Sami Paakkarinen
Jul: Diver: Achim Schlöfffel | Photographer: Mandy Schlöffel
Aug: Photographer: Andreas Häckler
Sep: Diver: Mandy Schlöffel | Photographer: Achim Schlöfffel
Oct: Diver: Hubert Zistler | Photographer: Mario Spagnoletti
Nov: Diver: Tamara Pfeuffer | Photographer: Stefan Huber
Dec: Diver: Hubert Zistler, Alberto Cavedon, Stefan Gaar | Photographer: Pedro Balordi

Bonex Calendar 2013