Bonex-Scooter test event at the Blaustein Lake

The Wuppertal/Germany based dive center Tauchschule Unlimited (owned by Tanja Spiess) offers a thorough testing of dive propulsion vehicles to interested divers two to three times per year. On April 29, 2012, the Lake Blaustein close to Eschweiler in Northrhine-Westphalia was the selected location for the test event: 15 divers, all members of “Team DIR Bergisches Land” got introduced to the enormous power of the product portfolio Bonex Explorationssysteme has to offer.

And those scooters found fans! Especially the thrust of the models from the RS-line (“Discovery” and “Reference”) and the long runtime of the “Ecos” were highly appreciated. Both features enable divers equipped with a rebreather to surround the artificial lake in 100 minutes, cruising along odd things left behind by humans such as boats, car parts – but also a lot of fish.

When asked if the completion of this distance in 100 minutes is a good benchmark in comparison to scooters of other manufacturers, Patrick Spiess from Tauchschule Unlimited says: “I have no idea! Besides the Bonex scooters, there are no other DPVs that have a constant runtime of 100 minutes at this speed. Most of the other vehicles run out of battery after 60 minutes. So we simply lack something to compare to.”

© Images: Courtesy Tauchschule Unlimited