Mission possible – german Military absolves DPV workshop

On 16th and 17th of November DPVs and their construction were central topic in the Bavarian city Amerang. In the training rooms of the BONEX company the workshop “Maintenance and technical service” took place during these days. Altogether ten participants of the German military attended. Especially we were happy, that also two women took part.

The groups were separated up into two groups – on the first day the DPV divers, on the second day military members and civilian employees from the department maintenance and service were concerned with DPV technique.

In the mornings, the participants received lessons in theory, in the afternoon they had the possibility to train in practice. For a comprehensive functional understanding the DPVs were teared apart in every detail. In groups of two, the attendants screwed, disassembled, maintained and put together again. They learned to exchange of the relevant components according to a BONEX factory maintenance and to adjust the operating parameter with following function test.

All practical operations were supervised and supported by referent, managing director and owner Christiane Bonetsmüller and two BONEX experts.

The practical part was followed by a debriefing, the handing over of follow-up material and a workshop certificate. In the evening the attendants and organizers came together for a relaxing dinner after this eventful day.

A detailed topic, inquisitive attendants and a lot of good mood – that was the perfect composition! All involved had a lot of fun, the timetable fitted, all questions were answered and it was productive for all parties!
Thanks a lot for this great workshop – we are looking forward to next time!