Bonex Dealer Workshop

Bonex is known for its quality and competence. Therefore we invited our dealers from Europe and Far-East for the last weekend.

Represented were for Germany: Anja von Heynitz, Patrick Spieß and Björn Zanger – for Austria: Dieter Kuchling – for Belgium: Sven de Vos – for France: Olivier Bertieaux.
Actually our dealers from Far-East followed our invitation. It was our pleasure to meet also Alexey Mikhin for Russia – Jong Moon Choi for South-Korea and Takeshi Okumura for Japan in our factory at Bonex here in Amerang.

We instructed all in full maintenance and care and showed them all details in case of any replacement of spare parts.
Now our dealers are outfitted with the needed knowledge to handle inquiries of our customers better and more competent.

They have now the qualification to do the service of our DPV’s.