Bonex for the first time at Salon Plongee, Paris

This year the International Fair for diving in the French capital has taken somewhat of a back seat, as it took place from January 11-13, 2013, right before the mega–event in Düsseldorf.
Wrongly, as it is an event which combines diving offerings with information sessions for environmentally sound management in diving tourism, accompanied by various consumer lectures on safe and environmental sound recreational diving.

The Paris fair is a platform which is frequently used to present developments, new products and materials to the world public. In 2013 Bonex Exploration Systems participated for the first time being represented by the French distribution partner Olivier Berieaux, Olive Air from Gramat. This way the visitors had the chance to admire the new, stylish and stable carbon shell of the Eco Scooters even before the German mega event opened its doors. The “Small One’s” design aligns perfectly to its “Big Brothers”, the “Reference” and the “Discovery”, while the carbon tube is obviously still available.

This generated considerable interest. Olivier Bertieaux: “People who are already familiar with our products were pleased with the increased depth rating of the ECOS from 120 to 200 meters, procured by the new carbon fiber tube. Generally everyone was fascinated by the “touch and feel” of the high-tech material.”
According to the dealer, Bonex Exploration Systems is on the right path for the future, which is proofed by the created interest, especially in the technology of these comparatively small but powerful scooters.