Review Bonex Scooter Event East Germany

Steina near Dresden April 19 to 22, 2012
With the awakening of nature in Germany in spring, you also start to see many divers again exploring the local lakes.
We have used to opportunity, along with the crew from InnerSpace Explorers ( to drive up to Steina (near Dresden/Saxony). While the staff of ISE taught the Basics of Exploration Extended (BoE+), we (Sascha und Anja von Heynitz) have introduced the Scooter prospects to the technical sophistication of the underwater propulsion vehicles.

We then were cruising under full sunshine through the small quarry, built as an open cast mine. Though we had explored each and every corner of the lake in only one dive thanks to the capacity of the Bonex scooters, the diver simply wanted to get wet again after a short surface break!

At the end of the event, we saw many happy diver faces around the campfire, heard exciting dive stories and tales and experienced the Bonex scooter with a surprising souvereign status of the accus (after two dives of one hour each still at 88% of total capacity).

Yours BONEXTEAM NORD Sascha & Anja von Heynitz