Bonex @ DIVE 2016 in Birmingham

On 22nd and 23rd of october 2016 Bonex & Aqua Prop were present on DIVE 2016 in Birmingham on the booth of UK distributor Sea & Sea. Numerous people visited the fair halls – according to the statement of Sea & Sea a lot more than in the last year! The star of the fair was the power-package Aqua Prop which caught the interest of the visitors. Also international press like Diver Magazine and Scubaverse were on the place.

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Bonex at Eurotek – Advanced Diving Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom

On the 8th and 9th of october Bonex was on the place at Eurotek – Advanced Diving Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom and showed and received a lot of new Input! Our distribution Manager Mike Cristiani was enthusiastic about the great feedback!

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Scooter Test-Event in Nordhausen, Germany with

On the weekend of 8th of october, divers had the possibility to test two Aqua Prop Scooter in Nordhausen with Again the divers were surprised of the power of the little Aqua Prop.
Following a little reportage and the video of the event:

“On 08th of october we went diving to Nordhausen, equipped with two Aqua Prop Scooter. Because of the ligt weight of 6 kg, getting in the water is very easy to handle. Under water we stayed at first in the 10 meters area, before we tried the DPV on the distance. I was very surprised of the speed of the small Aqua prop – I did not expect such a great boost! Our bubbles left horizontal and we passed by the fish very quickly :-).
On both levels the speed convinced, me personally I would like to have one more slower speed level.”

Thanks a lot for the great video!

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Successful Test-Event in Tirol, Austria

On the 8th of october at Achensee, Austria a further Test-Event from “Tauchen-in-Tirol” with Dieter Kuchling took place. The participants were enthusiastic – following the report of the event:
Bonex Scooter Testevent – with “Tauchen in Tirol” on the Achensee.
On the Test-Event at Achensee all participants had a lot of fun, and despite of the cold weather the divers were as often in the water that all models were tested extensive – from the AquaProp (with its light weight of 6 kg) up to the Reference Models. To get warm again an After-Dive-Beer and diving-stories were offered in the bar next door.

Thanks a lot to Dieter Kuchling for this successful Test-Event

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Bonex-Greets from Norway!

On 23. – 25. of september our norwegian distributor organized their yearly BONEX Scooter Test-Event!
This time the dives took place on the famous Gulen wreck site on the west-coast of Norway with a group of dedicated technical divers!
It was great success – thank you for this nice picture!

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Bonex & aqua prop Test-Event in Löbejün, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

From Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21, the 10 th anniversary of the Taucherkessel in Löbejün took place. Of course, Bonex was also there with the numerous attending representatives from industry and dive training.

Dry suits, rebreather and our Bonex and AquaProp Scooter were the most desired test objects.

17 curious Scooter divers waited politely in the queue and rewarded us afterwards with great photos and exciting underwater adventures.
However, at the end of the day, one diver was missing, and with him one of our AquaProps! Should I have been so wrong about him? From my experience, divers are honest, sincere contemporaries! Always! All of them! Time passed and the participants a nice time with beer for free. Nevertheless, me, I was disappointed…
But suddenly HE WAS BACK; back with the AquaProp, laughing and enthusiastic. “I won´t give it back! I’ll take it immediately to Berlin,” he said and paid via mobile phone bank transfer right at the place.
Therefore, my worldview remained intact and a convincing reason for having another draft beer we had on top!
On Sunday, the sun shone as bright as our test-divers. Klaus Diersch invited me, to have a look at the diving place from above in his helicopter. The flight, a long-cherished dream, surpassed all my expectations and was a crowning this successful weekend.

Text: Anja von Heynitz

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Bonex InterDive 2016 News



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Test-weekend with “Tauchen in Tirol”, 13. – 15.8.2016

Great weather, awesome visibility and numerous Bonex Tester and Fans took part on the events “Tauchen in Tirol”. In the region of Tirol as well as in Kaernten, enthusiastic divers had the possibility to test the newest Bonex models. Doesn´t matter if loopings, scooter races – ECOS S against Reference RS or towing a diver – nearly everything was tested and tried.
Divers, who were looking for a light Travel- and Holiday-Scooter, were especially attracted by the AquaProp and the event became a full success!

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New Sales Strategy – BONEX expands

Years of development with heart and knowledge, continuous improvement and adaptation to the needs of DPV-diving have brought the brand Bonex, and the power package aquaProp originated from the same company, to the current status. With its optimum level of development and an over 10 years built-up, outstanding and knowledgeable image the product now has great potential and is ready for the international market. In this way, Bonex will reorient its marketing strategy in the future. On the long term the focus will be aligned on the development of new resale structures and actively concentrate on the recruitment of new national and international partners.
“Now is the time to distribute our products worldwide with the help of new partners and to gain a larger market share. Therefore, we are searching for international distribution partners and welcome inquiries.” the company explains the relaunch of the new marketing strategy.

New direction – The Expansion
Due to a ten years development, the Bonex products feature outstanding and mature technology. This is considered as a leading argument in comparison with the current competitors. This technological leadership will be strengthened further on and expanded short and medium termed through active communication measures. In addition, the marketing will be focused on reseller acquisition and customer marketing. Advanced communication, test events, attractive offers for new and existing partners and presence in all major fairs will be part of the expansion.

The implementation
„The step into the international market is a responsible and comprehensive task.” Therefore, the founders and developers of Bonex, Christiane and Patrick Bonetsmüller, give this task in experienced hands. From July 2016 on, the sales specialist and enterprise developer Ramin Mirbaha will assume the entry into the international market. As part of this, the company announces the handover to Mr. Ramin Mirbaha as the new owner of Bonex GmbH & Co.KG. The acquisition was sealed July 1st, 2016.
“It is our goal to make Bonex conceptual for highest quality with sophisticated technology for each sport and technical diver. The already excellent quality of our service will be expanded.” Ramin Mirbaha assures the future development of the brand.

The man of action – Ramin Mirbaha
Ramin Mirbaha boasts many years of experience as a general manager and established himself three companies in the field of communication soft- and hardware. During his career, he worked for renowned companies such as Fresenius AG or Level 3 Communications, specializing in business development, sales and marketing. His special interest is the development of international distribution structures.
Already at the first meeting, Ramin Mirbaha, likewise an avid scuba diver shared the passion to Bonex. “I was immediately impressed by the company and their products. In all Bonex models, you can literally see and feel the years of intensive development. The products have been developed with a lot of knowledge and passion for diving.”
By combining professionalism and passion, the brand will be conducted in the future with full dedication to diving and enthusiasm for the product. In addition, it will embark on an international level. The previous managing director Christiane Bonetsmüller will be in advisory function furthermore and will lead together with Mr Ramin Mirbaha the company in the future.

We wanted to know from Mr Mirbaha in which waters his dream-dive with a Bonex will take place?
“I’d prefer to explore the top10wrecks with a Bonex scooter. The first one would be the 200 meter long S.S President Coolidge in Vanuatu.”

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2nd Test-Event this jear at Andrea´s Tauchschule SUN DIVE, Aalen, Germany!

Already the 2nd Test-Event took place on 10.07.2016 at Andrea´s Tauchschule SUND Dive in Aalen, Germany. All participants who always dreamed of “flying through the water” had the possibility to test the BONEX Reference RS Model. With sunshine and best weather, the divers could experience the underwater world in a complete new way! Crossing the lake or reaching the other side of it – no problem with this powerful support! Just having fun and pelting throug the water! So great! At the end of the event there were bright eyes and happy faces all around!

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